Friday, December 21, 2012

Blog December Post 22 - Where are the presents?

Today's Destiny Card is Gentleness and I have to say I was showed extreme gentleness when I went grocery shopping this morning amongst the last minute Christmas rush.  I came out the other side unscathed so I'm relieved.

I'm not going to focus this post on Gentleness but on something I read this morning.  It was on a blog post with a picture of a Christmas tree with nothing under it.  The comment mentioned the "virtual Christmas" with the author saying that their children had asked for digital music, ebooks, digital games etc so there was nothing to put under the tree.  Is this something that will be more familiar in the near future?

Growing up, our Christmas presents were put under the Christmas tree as soon as the tree was up.  And my brother and sister and I used to try to tear little corners off so that it wasn't noticable to our parents, but was enough to see what we were getting.  I don't think we were good at surprises, yet I don't think we ever managed to rip enough off to see what it was.

My husband grew up with a different tradition due to his German/Scottish parents.  They would open their gifts at Midnight on Christmas Eve.

Before child, we participated in this with his neices when we were invited to Christmas eve dinner.  I used to struggle to stay awake and I have no idea how the kids managed.

Once our child was old enough - think she was 5 years old - we tried it.  We let her go to sleep Christmas eve and then work her at midnight.  I remember that she was half asleep and displaying little excitement and we were all zombies (very tired) the next day.  Needless to say we have dropped that tradition and we put the presents out after she's gone to bed Christmas eve and she opens them Christmas morning.

At this stage the gifts are not "virtual."  Although, mine may be as I want books and I didn't want to go shopping for them so think I may be purchasing them online on Christmas day!!

However, it may well be that in coming years we find that our daughter will want things that are "virtual" and there will be nothing to put under the tree, except maybe for a gift card or two for online credit.

I apologise for the lateness of this post but we are expecting a guest today - a friend of my husband's whom he hasn't seen since before we met - so I've never met him.  They've been friends for ever and reconnected a few years back via phone calls.  I'm not sure how I feel with a someone who is a stranger to me staying with us but I suppose I'll just go with the flow.

And we are praying for no rain or storms this evening as the Urunga Carols are on and we will be heading down at 5pm and staying on till the fireworks at 9pm and then the traditional drive around town looking at the Christmas lights. 

While today we are melting away in the humidity, I can't help but feel that the Christmas weather of my childhood has returned - now all I have to do is convince my husband to allow me to watch the Boxing Day test match and all will be good!!

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