Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blog December Post 21 - A call to Action

Today's Destiny Card is Action - well actually the first one I pulled was Prudence but I really couldn't think hard enough to write a post on prudence so action it is!

This week has been a week of action - well the whole year has been really, but because I'm on leave as of tomorrow, the action has ramped up this week.  I had to make sure I completed most tasks that had to be done before I go on leave.

There has been a lot happening at work with regard to staffing.  One of my hardest working staff members (ok they all work hard but this one works particularly hard) is going to be off on sick leave for some time.  This is making rostering for relief staff a very fun (not really) task for me.  At the same time, I'm trying not to get too caught up in my management hat to become desensitised to what my staff member is going through during this difficult time.

This staff member works with me regularly and we have come to work together really well.  Where I lapse, they step in, where they lapse, I step in.  We almost don't have to communicate when we are on together as we just know when to step in and what to do.  This person is possibly the most organised person I know and prior to going on leave had organised that we had enough stationery, soap and toilet paper, got the Christmas decorations up, put together the stuff we needed for the Summer Reading program, and basically left with everything ready to go.

Now the leave will be extended, and I don't think they were prepared for the extent of their leave.  And some of the tasks that they do really well, like tallying up all the money at the end of the month (I really suck when it comes to numbers and maths), will have to be done by me.

I will be working with a few different staff members during this time, so the communication aspect will have to be worked on.  I will have to remember to be more communicative to them as we don't have that working relationship as I do with my staff member on leave.

I think it will be a challenging time but it is probably going to be good for me to be more communicative and work at getting procedures and everything more up to date.  So really it's a call to Action for me. 

I really hope that I do have a relaxing and refreshing break as next year is looking to be a challenging one - but then really, when aren't they!!

On a happier note - this afternoon is our work Christmas party and I'm really looking forward to kicking the heels up (well not as much as I could as the boss will be there and all) and talking with staff from all areas of the organisation.

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