Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blog December Post 20 - Discretion

Today's Destiny Card is Discretion.

When posting to any social media outlet, I am always aware of being discreet.  I try to keep politics out of my posts so as not to offend anyone or perhaps I'm more concerned with how people will judge me - which is a bit stupid because really people have the right (if they are friends with me) to really know who I am.  However, there are just some topics I know not to discuss because my views are quite different to the majority and the topics are sensitive ones that are sure to raise the hackles.

But wouldn't it be a great world if we could all discuss our beliefs and views without fear of argument or ridicule?  I suppose it would make for boring debates, but I have always thought that your beliefs, views and values are your own and you have your reasons for having them, so when discussing them you should only have to justify why you have them not why they are good or why they should be the only right views, beliefs, values etc.

That does not mean I'm not open to changing my views, beliefs, values based on a good reason to, but at the same time, I'm not going to hate someone or think less of them if theirs are different to mine.

I think in the library profession this is important because we are in contact with many different people from different backgrounds and who have different beliefs, values, views - and it is not our role to change them or judge them due to those beliefs, values, views.  In a way, libraries have the role of being the safe place where people can read/find information about their beliefs, values, views without fear of being ridiculed.  Well that's my thought anyway - do you agree?

Well, I am up to day 20 of Blog December and today I am tired - there is only 2 days until I'm on holidays for 2 and half weeks - I can't wait!!  I pray for warm, sunny weather and relaxing times!!

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