Monday, June 30, 2014

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Today's mantra and the final one for June: Your workouts are important meetings you've scheduled with yourself.  Don't cancel them.

This is one thing I have no problem with - being consistent and motivated to workout!  Even when there is ice on my windscreen and on the ground - I will still get out there and run around the oval or run in the very very fresh air.  While this motivation for me maybe a bit left of center and based around transforming myself - there is nothing wrong with it!!

Blogging on the other hand is probably something that requires a bit more scheduling as does meditation, reflection and evaluation.

With exercise I have clearly defined statistics/facts that I can record and monitor.  But how does one do this in a work situation of your own work - the work that can't be quantified?  How do you reflect?  What questions do you ask yourself when going through the reflection process or the evaluation process?  Do you meditate, and if you do, how do you do it?

I think these are areas I need to work on.  My manager advised me to start the day positive.  Ask the universe for a good day.  And when I run on the beach or the sun rises up, I do try to stop for a moment and look towards the rising sun and thank the universe for the beauty that I am witnessing and ask that it be a good day!  It's a start!

This brings #blogjune to an end.  Thanks to those that have been readers for the month. Thanks to those that have made comments and encouraged me to keep coming up with things to write each day.  Thanks for the positive and encouraging words.

I believe the next "official" blogging activity is #blog12daysxmas but I have a conference coming up in November that I'm sure to Tweet and do some reflective blogging.  I also have a Reference and Readers Services meeting happening in August which I really should spend some time reflecting on and really should dedicate some time after reading professional journals etc to do a reflective post. You regular readers, remind me to do this!!  Give me a kick up the bum!!

And I really should blog after my fun runs/races.  Coming up:

  • 27 July - Ipswich Park2Park Half Marathon (21.1km)
  • 31 August - Misty Mountain Trail Run (20km)
  • 7 September - Coffs Harbour Running Festival Half Marathon (21.1km)
  • 12 October - Washpool Trail Run (not sure on distance yet)
  • 2 November - Grafton or Armidale Fun Run 10km
  • 23 November - Dorrigo Show Fun Run (not sure on distance
And any others that come up!!

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