Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 1 - Blog 12 Days of Christmas: Expect Miracles

Back again for another round of #blog12daysxmas!  And I'm hoping some of the regulars are back again too as I love catching up with what they have been up to.

I'm following the daily mantra idea I used for #blogjune to prompt some deep (sometimes) thought.  Today's mantra is quite fitting - Expect miracles!

Today being Christmas is in itself a day born from a miracle.  Perhaps you may not be religious - I'm not a Christian as such but certainly was when I was younger and the miracle of Christmas is one that will not be forgotten.

I will always think of Christmas as a day to celebrate family!  And that's what my little family did today.  Even though gifts were involved - family was at the hub!

And I think you have to look at every day you get to spend with family (and really our friends are often part of our family) is a miracle!!

I hope you enjoyed your miracle today and continue to expect miracles - they may not be big but they are there and often happen everyday!!

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