Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday night's alright, alright, alright #blogjune #14

Well, Saturday is alright, alright, alright and I'm sure Saturday night will be too.

I'm feeling really pumped right now!  I started the day with a 12k run with my lovely runners group, Valla Runners.  We mixed road, bush and beach with a little bit of rain - it was great!  Then lovely scrambled eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Back home and a zip around doing a quick house clean - I'm not that domestic so it's really a surface clean at the most.

Bit of TAFE marking done, catching up on FB and a quick sneak at ebay - nope do not need any more running gear - said no runner ever!!!!

Planned on an arvo run - hmmm Miss A wants out of the house and wants to join me.  Ok, scooter out but we have to go fast because mum wants to run!!  So off we go on our usual path.  Bit of walking thrown in there because the foot path does not go for the whole route.  Stop at the park for a bit of a play - me on the exercise equipment and Miss A on the swings.  Quick chat with some other mums, and run back home.  Now after a shower with Miss A, I'm feeling really good!!  In fact I haven't felt like this for some time.  So I'm just going to hang in this moment for a while and share today's mantra:

If you still look cute at the end of your workout you didn't train hard enough!

You can never accuse me of not training hard enough but then I probably didn't look that cute to begin with.  But most times I'm covered in a lather of sweat and am probably sporting the "kick ass" look that I know I take on (because it's been caught in a few of my race photos) showing I'm so focused on what I'm doing that I'm not that aware of what's going on around me.  That's how it should be!!

However, back to the cuteness - I have got a few "motivational" running singlets that I wear.  2 Lorna Janes that I picked up on sale in Ipswich - "Fit Feels Good" and "I earn my chocolate one step at a time."  Plus one that I picked up when Woolworths was selling their Be you Be Fit or something like that - "Run eat sleep repeat."

Plus my ever growing race shirt collection - so far have Coffs Harbour Running Festival, Twilight Bay Run, and Port Macquarie Running Festival.  I have purchased my singlet for Ipswich Park2Park but will not wear it till I've done the race - bit of a tradition, although the organisers are wanting us to wear it, so I will see.  Didn't buy the one for South West Rocks because I didn't have the funds.

Anyway, enough about running - I'm going to go back to feeling good!!  Hope you all had a great day and have a great night!!

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