Friday, June 20, 2014

Don't stop #blogjune #21

Today started the way I love it to start - 6.30am run as the sun was rising over the ocean shared with lovely people who enjoy running as much as me.  We threw in beach and bush in today's run and had a yummy breakfast afterwards.  I love starting the day like this so much!!

It wasn't a hard run by any means.  Usually by Saturday I'm ready to slow it down a bit because I'm usually very tired from the week.  Interestingly most people do their long runs on the weekend and this will be something I have to work on when I venture into full marathon training - where runs will have to go over the 2hr mark.

Today's mantra: Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done.

Now this is one I do follow a lot.  I am often pushing through a run on tired legs or tired mind.  But in reality I think it is the "rest" side of running I have to work on.

Last week I did not do a run at lunch time on Thursday or Friday and then I blasted through my run on Saturday.  It felt easy and I felt energetic.  It was most likely due to resting!!

I have problems with "rest" because of my relationship with exercise and food.  But I in transformation mode, so I am working on this.

It is raining now, so normally I would be out there doing my Saturday afternoon walk.  But I'm participating in the Urunga Fun Run tomorrow and doing a 10k run so while I'm sure to do some mind arguing if the rain stops and the sun comes out - I am not going to walk this afternoon!!  I'm going to "rest" and see if I have more energy for the run tomorrow.

Do you have problems "resting" be it from work or exercise or both?

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