Monday, June 16, 2014

Sore today equals strong tomorrow #blogjune #16

I am writing this in the ad breaks while watching The Voice.  Ok, ok I know it's reality tv and it's all a bit corny but I do have my vices and this is one of them.

Today's mantra: Sore today equals strong tomorrow.

Over the past year and half that I have been doing bootcamp, this mantra has come through constantly.  It's along the lines, the harder/smarter you work, the better the outcome.  Or something like that.

For bootcamp, sore today does mean strong tomorrow.  My body is transforming and I'm becoming stronger - not just at running but in my fitness generally.  And I like it!!

At my last half marathon (Macleay River Marathon) at South West Rocks, weeks/months of training and doing hill repeats meant that I was strong on the day.  I flew up the hills and I took 3 minutes off my last half marathon time.

In 6 weeks I will be completing my 3rd half marathon for the year in Ipswich, Qld.  The Ipswich Park2Park half marathon.  I found out last week that this is labelled the most challenging half marathon in Qld!!

It is a 4 lap course which is challenging psychologically to begin with.  But on top of that there is hill after hill after hill!  So back to training and doing more hill repeats.

I'm also going to try to throw in some speed work.  I don't do a lot of speed work - because I don't sprint well and I have mentioned previously that it takes a bit of effort to get myself out of my comfort zone.  I must admit I did enjoy doing intervals with the Gale Force Running Group in Ipswich when I was on holidays.  But it's hard when you are not with a group and are trying to do it yourself.  But I will try!

Because: Sore today equals strong tomorrow.

I must apologise that my posts always seem to be running or exercise related but that's just my life at the moment.

And here's a pic of me being strong!!

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