Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Focus on results.... #blogjune #10

Gosh we are up to day 10 already!!

Today's mantra: Focus on results and you'll never change.  Focus on change and you'll get results.

How often do you start a project/activity and begin by thinking about the outcome?  Come on, we all do it.  But how often has the outcome been the one we were thinking about when we started?  I bet you it never is.  It might be close, but there will be a difference.

So I think this mantra is really saying that if we jump ahead of ourselves we will actually never change - if we always focus on the finish, we will not experience the journey and get the "real" results.

When you start an exercise program, you are usually motivated by results but you also have an idea of the result you want.  How often do you get those results?  You don't, because you are focused on the outcome.  You are focused on the short term.  To get real results you have to change a behaviour.  You have to make changes to your lifestyle and then you will get "real" results!!

It is the same in work. You want a particular career but in order to get it, you have to make changes!!  You will never get to where you desire unless you make the changes to get there.

I feel a bit like this discussion is going around in circles.  It could be because I'm tired - so I'm going to leave this post right here!

But I will say that I wore my half marathon finishers medal all day today and I did the rounds of the office sharing my achievement!!

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