Sunday, June 30, 2013

#blogjune Post 30 - Children and Technology and Exercise

Continuing on my Children and Technology theme, I read this article in today's Courier Mail: University Study Shows Kids Failing Basic Exercise Tests.

Am writing this post on my tablet so sorry if the link appears a bit weird.

Anyway, the article discusses how due to the increase in "screen time," safety fears and "sterile playground environments," children are participating less in physical activity.

Where we (my generation) used to go outside, climb trees, play with go-karts, ride bikes, etc, most kids these days occupy themselves playing computer games and watching TV.

How do we overcome this?  I know as a parent, I ensure that my child has some "outdoor" time and we visit the park and play and climb trees (well she does, I don't).  But I also allow her to use technology.

I think the secret is ensuring we have a balance.  We are lucky enough to send my child to a school that has regular sport sessions and encourages outdoor play.

So it's not only the worry of whether having children use technology as a learning tool is a good thing for their minds - we must also not forget about their physical health.

This is my last post for #blogjune.  Thanks to all those that have read my posts.  I was considering taking part in #commentjuly but due to being away from home for the first week with not a lot of internet access time, I thought it was not worth committing myself.

So until the next blog challenge or time where I have the urge to blog - thanks for reading!!

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  1. Yes, finding the balance can be tricky. We encourage our boys to play whenever we can, rather than watch TV. They have great imaginations and come up with all sorts of activities and scenarios with their toys. However, sometimes we do use the TV as an electronic babysitter if we need to get something done without the boys "helping".