Thursday, June 27, 2013

#blogjune Post 27 Part 2 - Take you riding in my car car - if it was fixed!

I know I "pinky promised" two blog posts today - well unfortunately I am not in the best frame of mind to do a "good" blog post (of course I am assuming that my other posts have been good).

Why you ask?  See this FB status I recently put up:

Can not believe that my car has still not been fixed. It was booked in yesterday to have the bushes replaced. Geoff King Motors sent the mechanics the wrong parts. So I took it back today. Geoff King Motors says they have sent the parts via courier to the mechanics. The parts have not shown up. Geoff King Motors does not know what courier service they used to send the parts!!! Geoff King Mo...tors only has the one set of bushes in because they order their parts from Melbourne as they are needed. It takes 2-3 days to get parts from Melbourne and then another day to get them to the mechanics. Tomorrow is Friday. I am supposed to be driving to Ipswich on Monday!!! Those parts better show up or Geoff King Motors will get a visit from one angry woman tomorrow afternoon!!!
Just to clear things up - Geoff King Motors is not the mechanic I took the car to. It is a local Bellingen mechanic and they have done nothing wrong - they ordered the parts in advance and everything - they have to get the parts from Geoff King Motors because they are the VW dealership. Geoff King Motors are the one's causing the issue. I would love to ask for a courtesy car but mine is still going (safe to drive but not long drives on highway) and the mechanics is too little to even offer a car. So just to be clear the Bellingen Mechanics are excellent and not the one's causing the stuff up!! It will be interesting to see if they don't charge me for the bushes which what the mechanic was saying today because he said they will refuse to pay Geoff King Motors for them because of the stuff up - let's hope he keeps to his word!!

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