Monday, June 17, 2013

#blogjune Post 18 - It's Just a Quote

This morning it is cold - apparently 6.1'C but I believe it was 5'C when I got up at 6.15am.  No boot camp this morning - thank goodness!!  But tomorrow morning it will be on and it is supposed to be just as cold - I do question my sanity at times!

So because it is so cold, my fingers aren't typing that well so I'm going to fall back on a quote I found in a book I was reading recently.

"Waves rolled out of the steel-grey world to hurl themselves at the shore like battering rams, full of force and fury."

This was from Nora Roberts latest, Whiskey Beach.  I'm a bit of a Nora Roberts fan - so much so that Miss A frequently asks me if I read any books by other authors!!

This quote from the book, resonated with me because I live near the beach and during our East Coast Lows - which we seem to have quite often - the waves do exactly as that quote says.

Although, I imagine a house high on a rocky headland with the waves crashing against the rocks below on a grey miserable day - to be more apt for the quote.

However, at night when you can hear the waves crashing on the beach - you can almost imagine that your house is on a rocky headland and the waves are crashing below.  And if you imagine even harder, that even though it is cold outside, you have a nice warm open fire heating the house up as you lay under big fluffy doonas in blissful sleep.

Ok, in reality we are in a fibro house with no heating (electricity prices are so high here that we can't afford to run a heater), dressed in layers of clothes, sleeping in beds with flannelette sheets and fluffy doonas, trying to stay warm.

That's why I love books - because I can imagine I'm in that house on the rocky headland nice and warm!!

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