Saturday, June 1, 2013

#blogjune Post 2 - ANZ 23 Mobile Things: Thing 4: Maps and Checking In

I have to admit that I really haven't jumped into Thing 4 with great enthusiasm.  I'm like that with most things, I'll dip my toe in and if it doesn't interest me or provide me with a useful tool, then I'll move on.

Now with Maps and Checking In, I have played around with Foursquare, but honestly, living where I live there are really not heaps of places to check in as such. 

I added our libraries to Foursquare, but really, do people want to know that I checked in to my library every week day?  And then I checked in at our local beach and then at Woolworths??  I mean, I honestly don't go to many places so it lost it's appeal.  Even when I was in the city - either Brisbane or Sydney - I forgot to check in because it really didn't excite me!

However, I do know that some libraries have successfully used it as a tool for promotion and competition.  But looking at my community and how they use phones, and I would make a rough guess at saying perhaps 40% have smart phones/mobile devices, the rest have regular mobile phones or lap tops or nothing.  So offering some sort of program where users could check in, probably wouldn't be that popular.

I have used the Google Maps app to look for directions, but find Navigator or the navigation tool on my phone much more useful - like a GPS on my phone.  Although, due to a delay in response time while driving through Tamworth, it did get me lost looking for South Tamworth Library!!

Now I still don't know a lot about Geocaching but I have heard our Council IT staff member talking about doing some geocaching around our town.  I must have a longer conversation with him, but find I get lost in the jargon he uses.

So as you can see, I'm not really enthused by maps and checking in, but I think I will expect that some things on the 23 Mobile Things program will excite me and others won't.  But really it's all about learning about what is out there for mobile devices and having a bit of a play around.

Now off to read other #blogjune participants posts!


  1. I have your problem; very few places I can check in too. But I *can* see tourists wanting to check in when they use our free APNK wifi at the library. Thinking what to do next...

  2. Hi Cath! Why do you think tourist would like to check in? Our area is a popular tourist destination and I still don't think there would be many checking in - well that's just what I picked up with 6 mths floating around on Foursquare and noting how many places in our area did not feature of Foursquare. Do you think there is an appeal for tourists?

  3. Hi Sharon, remember when we dropped in to visit you at the library a few year's back ...we were geocaching that day all around your town :)

  4. Hi Lisa! I didn't realise you were geocaching - what device/app were you using? It seems like a lifetime ago!!