Friday, May 31, 2013

#blogjune - Post 1

I was actually writing a few blog posts in my head last night thinking about #blogjune - but of course when I should've started writing them down and saving them as drafts, I went to sleep!!

So I am participating in #blogjune again this year.  You can find the start of my posts for the first time I participated in #blogjune in 2012 here (yes it stated that I started on 31 May but that's because the date on my blogger is a bit out).

You can find a bit more about #blogjune and a list of those participating here.

So the challenge is to post every day of June. 

I note that some fellow #blogjune bloggers have provided some themes or ideas of which they will post about.  I'm leaving mine fairly flexible - because you never know what will happen that you might want to post about.  And I'm not restricting myself to just professional topics (although they will probably feature quite a lot).  You can see from my previous posts that personal life does creep into my posts quite a bit.  That's just how I roll!!

Why do I participate in #blogjune?  It forces me to stop and reflect on things that have happened, things that I have read, or events/conferences/seminars I have attended.  It also makes way for the development of new friendships (professional and personal), and allows me to feel a bit less isolated.

To start #blogjune I went to the list and added all the participants to my "reader" so that I can follow other posts.  This, I hope, will give me some ideas for when I'm struggling to get a post out.

Let #blogjune begin........


  1. The 'less isolated' comment strikes a chord with me - I'm fairly rural and love being able to connect with people via social media. I don't use a reader, and know I should because I lose track of blogs I want to follow. Might be my next job for the day.

  2. Good to know that I'm not the only isolated one out there. I also love connecting with people using social media but do miss the face to face meetings I used to have when living in the city. However, I would not give up my regional living to go back to the city.