Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#blogjune Post 9 - Dark

I spent some time sitting in the dark this morning.  Inside my car waiting for my running buddy to show up.  As it was we suffered some confusion and I was waiting for her in her town (suburb/place - unsure what to call them here because they are not really towns more places) and she was waiting for me in my town - both sitting in the dark wondering where the other was.

We sorted it and thank goodness the towns aren't that far apart (less than 20km) so once she worked out that she had forgotten that we were meeting in her town today (we usually meet in mine) she drove to meet me.  We met in her town because there are more hills and on today's training plan, a 10km hilly run was on the cards.

So back to the dark.  It was 5.30am and dark.  I was sitting in the car, trying to stay warm, listening to the radio, not thinking about what could be lurking in the bush that was to one side of me (well trying - it crossed my mind a few times).  And I was thinking about how my life is now all about getting up in the dark - well in the winter months anyway.  And that sleeping in for me is getting up at 7am, because I'm normally up at 4 or 5am.  And now I can't think when it began but it just is.

We started running and we were going a good pace because my running buddy is a natural runner and just has a fast pace - which has been good for me.  She had some exciting news so we were going faster because when you start talking and you get excited you go faster - yep we all do!

As we neared the headland, we noted the lovely red haze of the sun starting to rise.  The surf rolling in and just how lucky we are to be up and seeing this.  It's times like these I don't mind getting up in the dark - because seeing the first rays of light is always special - no matter how many times you see them!

PS thanks Shelle for the photo - note this was from another morning, not this morning.  And yes that is me and my running buddies down on the beach with the sun rising!

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