Friday, June 3, 2016

#blogjune Post 4 - Do you ever question your sanity?

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This was the question my husband asked me this morning after I'd come in from running in cyclonic conditions.  My answer: I've run in worse!

I'm often asked how do I stay committed to running?  How do I go out there and run while everyone else is snuggled up in bed?  My answer: I like food!!  No, I do also like running but I do like food a lot and one has to find a balance.

I've only been running for around 4 years.  I've been participating in the Run Down Under virtual run around Australia since 2014.  In that time, I have traveled around 9,000km.  Based on my current average km's per week, I should finish in October 2017.  This has been a good motivator for me and as I do have a slight competitive streak - it does keep me honest!

This morning I have to admit that I originally planned to meet a running friend in another town for a run at 5.30am.  When I got up at 4.15am, it was absolutely pouring and a look at the rain radar confirmed it was unlikely to stop.  I sent her a quick message to say I didn't want to drive in this type of weather and would go running a little bit later when it was light and see if the weather had improved.

Out the door at 6.15am and it was not pouring - very windy but just showers of rain.  Out on the boardwalk the rain stung a bit as a bit of the salt water from the ocean sprayed up (probably some sand too).  The ocean was angry.  But I was the only one to see it and that to me is special.

I was struggling a bit with the run.  It would be nice to be snuggled up in bed but hey, I'm the only one out here seeing all this.  Some might say the only crazy one!  I ran out to Hungry Head beach and looked out over the ocean from the headland - angry rough seas.  Then to head back the same way I came.

By the time I got back to the exposed parts of the run, the wind was a lot worse.  I was running into it and being pelted by the drops - I swear some skin might have come off!  16km done and home in the warm shower!  Yep, I'm glad I got up and got that done!

Do I question my sanity?  The rest of the world is crazy, I'm the sane one!


  1. Good on you! There was a time (several years ago now) where I could relate exactly. Unfortunately, age-related knee problems insisted I stop. Oh well. I'm okay with that.
    It sounds like you had a fantastic time this morning, with gorgeous views to boot. That makes me smile :) Keep it up - for as long as you can!
    Oh - and stay safe in this weather too :)