Sunday, June 5, 2016

#blogjune Post 6 - Socially awkward - I think not

Miss A has got an Instagram account.  I'm not sure how she got one but she told me to follow her.  I then got her to go into her account settings and change it to private.  I then gave her a talk about how she needs to only let the people she knows follow her.  She's ok with that.  Thank goodness she tells me what social media programs she is on.

She is also on Google plus.  She chats to her "friend" Rachel in the USA.  I've seen Rachel via video when Miss A has been chatting to her, so I know that Rachel is Miss A's age.  I hear what they are talking about as Miss A has to leave her door open on her bedroom when she goes in there to chat to Rachel.  And she also uses Google Plus to chat to her school friends.

Miss A claims she's socially awkward.  Perhaps in "real life" she is, but online is a different matter.  Is the online world making it easier for Miss A to be social?  Not sure.  Is it helping her "real life" socially awkwardness?  Probably not!

There are many times in our household that I look around and we are all on devices.  We do talk to each other about what we are doing on the devices, update each other on the news or show pictures of things that others have shared with us.  I once said we are a device driven family!  Not sure how I feel about that but certainly on weekends like the one we just had where it was very wet, it kept us all occupied and a bit more connected to the outside world - or are we??

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  1. When I was a kid I always had my nose stuck in a book. I think reading is such a solitary pursuit. Now, Mr 7 would be on a device half the day if we let him (he would spend the rest kicking a football) but it is far less solitary than reading was for me as a kid. We build stuff together in Minecraft. We watch him play soccer and cheer him on. We go down YouTube rabbit holes together... People talk about limiting screen time and I get it, but I also don't get it. In terms of socialisation, it's no worse - and I think it's even better - than my reading habit was for me as a kid. Tricky stuff!