Thursday, June 9, 2016

#blogjune Post 10 - Escape

On workdays at lunch time I like to go for a walk around town.  I mainly stick to the streets, even though Bellingen is surrounded by bush - I don't like to go off on bush trails on my own.

One of my colleagues has just started back walking with me at lunch time.  Funnily enough she is also one of the colleagues that swims with me at lunch time when the pool season is on.

Yesterday we decided to head bush - up, up and up!  If you read my post from yesterday you will note that I had done a hilly run in the morning, so the up, up and up was not really that exciting for me.  But hearing the bell birds in the bush made up for it.

We kept going along the trail and even though we had done this walk before, a very long time ago, we were both thinking it was taking a long time to get to the road that takes us back into town.  We were only slightly worried we might be lost.

Eventually, after many more ups - there really wasn't many downs - we came to the old Bellingen look out.  I really should've taken my phone and done a lunch time walk selfie to show you just how far away town looked from the look out.

We then had a slight panic thinking we would not make it back within our lunch time.  So work colleague suggested we run back down the hill on the road.

Now the last time we did this - which must be over 3 years ago - I was not a runner and I weighed a lot more than I do now.  My backside ached for days - the wobble from the down hill caused me all sorts of pain.  Fast forward 3 years and I'm flying down the hill, with a lot less wobble and no sore backside!

We made it back in time and we got to enjoy a bit of bush escapism in our lunch hour - wins all round!!

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