Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#blogjune Post 2

Yep, I'm all for creative titles for each post - not!!  I promise to work on this.

This morning I was reading my friend, Rachel Wray's blog post about social media.  I tend to follow the same trends Rachel does.

I used to be a big user of Twitter but now only venture on there when attending conferences.  I tend to use is as a note taking/sharing device.  Or when I'm doing a challenge like this - #blogjune  Oh I also sometimes go to it when watching The Voice to check out what other viewers are saying about the contestants.  But generally Twitter is not something I check all that often.

Since moving away from family and friends, Facebook is my go to for social media.  It has also become a place I connect with other runners from all over Australia.  I go for it for the latest news reports, weather, and generally what is happening around the place.  I provide updates/snippets of what I've been doing so my family and friends can stay in touch.  I share pictures of places, people, and family.  This would be the social media tool that I use the most.

I've recently started using Instagram a bit.  Mainly because I can do running selfies and upload the image, tag and share very quickly.  It also posts to my Facebook page - 2 birds with 1 stone!

I have tried using Pinterest but find it's probably of more interest to those doing crafty things - I'm not very crafty.  That said, apparently it's good for getting some memes (sorry if I've used the wrong word) for Facebook posts for my library service's page - but I find that I have little time at work to be looking for or thinking about possible posts for our Facebook page.  I actually think that it is worthwhile having one staff member looking after a library's social media to ensure a targeted, consistent approach - not having random posts for the sake of posting.

These social media tools are about the extent that I have explored in the hundreds of tools available.  I must admit that I do use a little bit of the social aspect of Strava but find that it is more of a running recording tool for me than a social tool.

Thanks, Rachel for prompting some thought and reflection regarding my use of social media.  It was interesting to read about your uses.

How do you use social media?


  1. So let's talk about running sometime! Always, always looking for folks to help me stay motivated & out there on cold mornings :)

    1. Yes I will definitely talk about running sometime - probably most of the time because it is such a big part of my life routine now.