Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#blogjune Post 16 - Commuting or Cow Spotting

This morning I was reading Rachel's post about her morning commute, so I thought I would describe mine.  It will not take long!

I'm lucky enough to live about 15 minutes drive from MPOW.  I usually drop Miss A at school along the way as it's really only 5 minutes down the road.  Once I have dropped her off (which usually means walking her to her classroom and making sure her friends are there - yes she is back to being a bit clingy - tweens, sigh!), back in the car and out onto the Pacific Hwy.  Although in a few months it won't be the Pacific Hwy anymore - yay!  The highway is actually moving 5km's West of our town and we will then only have a local road to drive on.

Not much to see on the Hwy and I'm only on it for about 2km.  I cross the Kalang River which is nice and then take the Short Cut Rd (yep that's what it is called) past a few houses with half acre to acre blocks, over the new hwy (quick peak at the progress) and past the industrial estate.  Then out onto Waterfall Way.

The 10km or so drive on Waterfall Way is through dairy farm land.  So lots of cows and you are driving West so the Dorrigo mountains loom in front which makes for a scenic drive.  Usually I get stuck behind someone driving slow, or have to stop for road works (seems to be endless) but in reality there is not much traffic, no traffic lights or hold ups.  Not long and then I'm in Bellingen and parked and walking to work.

Sometimes if we have lots of rain, then I can't get to MPOW (due to flooding) and have to work from the branch that is located in my town.

I don't really miss commuting in the city.  And anytime I have to visit Sydney for professional development, be it a course or conference, I tire quickly of the hustle and bustle.  That said, maybe it won't be long and I will be back in the hustle bustle and might even enjoy the people watching for a while.  Nice change from cows!

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