Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's #blogjune time again!!

I've just come off a real buzz!  Two weeks ago I participated/completed the Warwick Pentath-Run.  This run came on my radar early last year when I was training for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.  A work colleague mentioned that they were training for this event where you do 5 runs over 2 days to make up a marathon distance of 42.2km.

I was keen then but in the midst of my marathon training so could not afford to do both events - although it seems a lot of runners use the Pentath as a lead up event to the Gold Coast marathon.  So I put it on my bucket list - which keeps on growing!!

As soon as registrations where open, I registered.  I also did something different.  I hunted around for a coach.  I wanted someone who had done the event themselves and knew what I was in for so that I could be well prepared.

Scan back to 2013 when I first started running.  I was holidaying in Ipswich and decided to attend the Ipswich Hospital Foundation - Fit4Life subsidised running session held 5.30am at Limestone Park.  It was here I met coach, Chris Gale from Galeforce Running.  At that very first running session I did with Chris he said that if I ever needed a coach, to look him up.  So I did.  And he had not only completed the Pentath, he had also trained other runners for the event.  It was really a no-brainer.

However, Chris is located in Qld and I am in NSW.  Not to worry, with the use of email, social media and SMS services, Chris has been sending me programs and running sessions since February this year.

These sessions have pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I don't like speed sessions - read that as I don't like to push myself hard as I'm a real comfort zone lover - but I did them and they had the required effect.  The training I was put through, played out on the day and I got through all 5 events.

I've decided to keep working with Chris to my next event - Ipswich Park2Park - where I will revisit the hardest half marathon in Qld!! I first did this event back in 2014.  It's a hard run.  4 laps of hills.  I tanked a bit in the last lap when I did it back then, so I want to reattempt it and get a better time.  But more on that later... I was writing about being on a buzz!

So I completed the Pentath and running has given me such confidence.  This event in particular because of the challenges it presents.  You start on day one at 7am with a 21km half marathon.  The next event is a 4.6km cross country at 12pm.  Then the final race for day 1 is a 5km road race at 3pm.  I won't bore you with the details - only to say each had their challenges and it amazed me that I got through them all.

Day 2 starts with the 10km accent from Killarney up to Queen Mary Falls at 7.15am.  Followed by the final 1.5km "sprint" down the main street at 11.30am.

The elation of finishing did not really hit me until the following days.  I was just plain exhausted after the race.  But as I reflected on each race and each challenge they presented, I became more proud of myself for the effort I put in, the times I completed them in, and the pure fact that I did it!

Will I go back and do it again - yes I think I will but possibly not next year - we will see!!

Welcome to my #blogjune posts - I promise I won't bore you with too many running posts!!

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