Sunday, June 12, 2016

#blogjune Post 13 - Oops Missed a Post

Ok so I missed a post.  But I had good reason to.  Yesterday I was up at 3.45am to head down to South West Rocks Running Festival to complete the 10km run and to support my running friend in doing her first full.

My running friend picked me up in the morning and I spent the drive trying to ease her nerves.  It is a daunting thing running 42.2km.  I did it last year and you can read all about it here.  For most people the real struggle of the marathon doesn't start until the last 10kms - and that's what happened for me.  Would that be the case with my friend?

Anyway, I saw my friend start her race at 7am and then waited 45mins for my start.  It was cold.  So I tried to keep warm best I could.  Cutting a long story short, we were off at 7.45am.  My feet were freezing so my feet were sore to start.  As were other parts like my hands etc.  I felt like it was taking a long time to get into a rhythm.

First km down and I'm thinking well that was fast but we had just come down a hill.  2nd km and I'm thinking well I'm travelling a little faster than I would normally for a 10km but I'm feeling ok.

The trouble with a 10km is it is further than a 5km so it really is all about pacing yourself so that you still have enough in the tank to get that other 5km done.  I find it a bit tricky.  This time I thought well I'm just going to hold onto this pace for as long as I can.

The course is relatively flat.  I have done the half marathon here twice but never the 10km.  I was looking forward to an earlier turn around and not having to deal with some of the sneaky hills that are in the half.

At the turn around I felt that I was going a bit slower and that continued up until 1km left in the race.  At this point I realised I was on 47min and I could possibly come in under 50mins.  This has been a goal of mine for a long time, with my best 10km time being 52mins.  So I put the peddle to the metal and put an effort in to come strong over the finish line and get that sub 50min 10km.  And yes, I did it!!  My garmin watch said 49.36.  Official time 49.45min with the net time 49.32min.  I was stoked, but no time to celebrate, I had to go out to meet my friend and get her to the finish line.

So I started walking the course out.  It was quite funny as some competitors thought I must be doing a race but going really slow - even though I had removed my race number.  Others that must have been from Brisbane, saw my GaleForce running singlet and said hello and good to see another Brisbane runner.

In my head I was trying to calculate where my friend might be on the course.  And my legs were pretty tired, so I was also not wanting to go too far out.  I caught up with her 7km from the finish.  So we ran/walked that last 7km together.  I tried my best to give the right encouragement and dismiss her negative thoughts - it is so tough that last 10kms.  You are so close but so far.  I let her lead with what she wanted to do, run when she wanted and walk when she wanted.  But not let her give in.

She made it!!  In a great time too!!  I am so proud and happy for her to achieve this.  42.2km is such a long way!  I was happy to be able to be there for her in that last 7kms and see her cross the line!

All in all it was a great day!  But I was very tired after a strong 10km and then 14km on top of that.  My legs were spent.  So that's why I missed a post yesterday!

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