Saturday, June 18, 2016

#blogjune Post 19 - Words

This post I'm going to do something different and as there are no rules for #blogjune, I'm guessing it's ok.

Today I'm sharing local author, Jenn J McLeod's post: A sad and angry sea - and we grieve

I hope you all take time to read Jenn's post and also read her books!

As a runner, it is common, being out on the streets/parks early, that you might be the first to discover something - even a dead body.  It is one of my fears that this may happen to me one day.  And as Jenn and her partner experienced with walking the beach - there have been times walking our local beach during a time when someone has gone missing at sea that you worry it might be you that discovers the body.

Sorry to be a bit depressive this morning - it's raining, it's Sunday and it's work tomorrow - the mood suits!  Actually, I have a Body Shop party to go to in a few hours so the mood is set to pick up.  And not to be too humorous but I did not the link with bodies and Body Shop!

I promise a much lighter post tomorrow!

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