Thursday, June 16, 2016

#blogjune Post 17 - Fashion or lack of

Once again I turn to Rachel's post about fashion that I read this morning.  Rachel, you are doing wonders for giving me ideas for posts.

In her blog, Rachel writes about how she likes fashion but doesn't necessarily buy or wear the latest fashion - it's more about comfort.  For me, I don't follow fashion, nor do I put too much thought into what I wear.... unless it's for a running event!

Now I have a drawer full of running clothes.  The drawer is full but you can never have too many running clothes.  And each night before a run or bootcamp, there is quite a bit of thought that goes into the coordination of the tights, singlet, jacket etc before bed.  You see, I have everything ready to put straight on in the morning.

Being winter, sometimes the choice does come down to warmth.  But there still has to be some colour coordination.  Lorna Jane is a favourite brand of mine for the inspirational singlets.  I have 8 of them, and I do put thought into choosing which one I wear and when.  Then I have the singlets I got at events.  Again, depending on the mood and colour required, I will make a decision regarding which one of those I wear.

When it comes to tights, I'm a bit fussy on brands.  At the moment I'm really trying to build up my compression wear.  I have 2 long compression tights (make that 3 as I just bought another pair second hand for a bargain price!), 2 Skins and 1 2xu.  My 3/4 tights are a mix of New Balance and Lorna Jane (I actually only have one LJ 3/4 tights and would like to get another one the same but are waiting for a good sale as they are expensive).

Which then leads into the price.  Running is supposed to be an inexpensive sport.  Yeah, no!!  I'm quite happy to spend $25 on a singlet or $40 on a race singlet, $150 on long tights, and don't even go near what I spend on shoes.  But spend that on casual or work wear, nope!  Can't do!

I wish I could wear active wear all the time!!


  1. Get a running set that looks kind of formal.
    I would haha

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