Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blog June Double Post 12 and 13

Yep, I'm playing catch up again.  I was mentally exhausted after finishing work yesterday so no post last night.  I can't understand why I was so tired when we had a shorter working week - anyone else feel the same?

Yesterday we had a backpacker in the library.  As there is only one staff member on (usually) Thursday and Friday, we close for an hour for a lunch break.  I was just about to close up the library when he asked if the local pubs would be showing the FIFA women's soccer match.  Canada and New Zealand were playing and he was Canadian.

First I looked up if it was being broadcast and what station it was on - SBS One.  Then I contacted the pub with the more televisions - under the advice of other library users that they would more likely be able to show various channels if they have more than one television - and asked if they would be able to put one of the televisions on SBS One so the backpacker could watch his soccer match.  The backpacker had also asked if they had wifi, so I asked that too.  And the pub said they could do both so off went the backpacker, and I got to feel satisfied at completing a left of centre reference query!

Today was Social Run Saturday.  However, I had to run 13km according to my marathon training plan, so I ran 5km with company and 8km on my own.  It was bit of a tough run as where we ran today has lots of hills.  But breakfast is always a good motivator!!

After breakfast, I headed home and then straight back out the door to Aldi as they were having their fitness gear sale.  Unfortunately, they did not have any medium size long compression tights left so I missed out there but did managed to get a 3/4 pair and 2 fitness jackets.

Aldi is a dangerous shop for me to enter as I usually go a bit crazy and buy lots and lots of things.  Today was no different.   I always think I'm saving money and stocking up but I really should just come in and get what I need and not grab things off the shelf that I think members of my family might like to try!

Miss A is having a friend sleep over tonight and there is nothing on television so after completing this post, I will most likely lurk on FB and catch up on what others have been doing.  Such an exciting life to lead.

The mantra's: Proceed as if success is inevitable (good one for me with the marathon coming up) and You're never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

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