Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blog June Post 8 - A Meme

To assist with my inspiration for today's post, I am using a meme from Bun-Toting Librarian's blog.

I’m reading – lots of fitness magazines - Runner's World, Women's Running Australia, Women's Fitness Australia, Women's Health Australia, Women's Health and Fitness, Good Health, R4YL (Run for your life), etc.  I haven't read a novel for some time.  The last one I read was Bronwyn Parry's latest - Storm Clouds.  I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series to Miss A.  We are up to the Goblet of Fire.

I’m watching – I'm not actually hooked on any TV shows at the moment.  We have Foxtel so I was hooked on Housewives of Melbourne - but mainly because my cousin, Janet is on the show.  I do like watching Selling Houses Australia and Location, Location, Location Australia.

I’m cooking – I don't cook.

I’m drinking – water!!  Lots of water and recovery type drinks after long runs.  I love love hot milo's especially in winter.  I have never been a coffee drinker but have recently started drinking Jarah Swiss Moments and don't mind the odd Mocha (less coffee more chocolate!)

I’m thinking – about my upcoming full marathon and whether I will cross the finish line after running 42.2km.  Well actually I'm doing a lot of visualisation of crossing the finish line!!  And eating lots of food after!!

I’m taking – hmm not sure what should be put here.  I'm taking multivitamins, gels when I do long runs, my time LOL

I’m missing – sleeping in due to getting up early to run!

I’m enjoying – eating chocolate!!  Well not at the moment but I am looking forward to the spring rolls being made for my dinner and then will follow with M&Ms.

I’m planning – on crossing the line at Gold Coast Marathon (yes repeating myself!)

I’m listening – to Miss A talking about Minecraft servers - no idea what she's talking about.

Today's mantra: She who dares, wins!!

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