Monday, June 1, 2015

Blog June - Post 1

Yay!!  It's that time of the year again - Blog June!!  Where I get motivated to blog everyday of June!!  Well, ok, I'll try to blog everyday of June!!

We left off in Blog 12 Days of Christmas with me striving to be awesome!!  Well let's see how that is going almost 6 months on!

I'm sticking with my Month of Mantras from the Women's Fitness magazine.  So today's mantra is.... inspire someone today!

Personally I don't think I'm an inspirational person.  I don't live a very exciting life.  I run, exercise, work, eat, read, sleep, and start all over again. 

However, running and exercise have somehow lead to me being considered inspiring by those around me.  People in the community that I didn't know where taking an interest in my daily doings (yes a bit creepy I know), friends who find my dedication to exercise and running inspirational, those that have seen me lose weight and make some minor changes in my lifestyle - inspirational!!

Personally it makes me all a bit embarrassed.  Anyone can do what I've done - anyone can be inspirational!!

There are people I meet everyday that will share something they consider small about their life and I will find it inspirational - much more inspirational than mine!!

There are ladies I run and exercise with that have done much more challenging and inspiring things - inspirational!!

But me, no I don't think I'm inspirational, nor do I think I inspire!  But perhaps just by the little things we do each day, we are inspiring someone - and we should all be proud of that!!

As a side, I'm 5 weeks away from running the Gold Coast Airport Marathon - yes 42.2km.  I'm battling a small injury at the moment that is leaving me less than inspired by the whole run but I'm doing little things that I hope will resolve this and bring back my inspiration to complete this journey.  Blog June is bound to contain a lot of musings as my marathon training journey comes to an end - stay tuned!!

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