Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the seventh day of Christmas....

I headed out for a run at 5.30am.  I ran from my place to Urunga Cemetery hill.  Then I ran up and down the hill 3 times (I was aiming for 4 times but had to meet other runners at the soccer field at 6am), I met the other runners and ran with them for 45 minutes, then continued on my own.  I ran for almost 2 hours (1:56:51 to be exact) and ran a total of 18.18km.  The longest time and distance I have run this year since starting in July.  And to total it all up, I have run a total of 770.2km since July.  Not bad for someone who hated running!

I had hydrated with Endura prior to my run, and had Endura during my run and had some after my run but because it has been so humid, it really takes ages to not feel thirsty after a long run.  And I had sore legs from yesterday's bootcamp session - no one to blame but myself.  So it took a while to get active again and take Miss A down the park - yep the trend continues!

We ran into some of her school friends on the way back and they invited her over after lunch - yay a few hours of couple time for me and hubby.  We don't get much time together alone, so we made the most of it by watching trashy tv - as you do!

I did a short walk this afternoon but honestly I am stuffed!  The run really took it out of me and now I'm afraid that I over did it before my fun run tomorrow.  The run tomorrow is only 5.25km (I should never put only in front of a run because it depends on the terrain, temperature and many other things as to how hard or easy a run is - I've never had a easy run).  But there is a big hill at the beginning and I have no idea where we are to park or where I am to go once we get there, having never done this run before and never spoken to anyone who has done this run about it before.  So it's all a bit unknown.

The other worrying thing for me is it doesn't start till 9am.  I am used to running on an empty stomach so I'm not sure what to eat when I get up.  I am also used to running in the early morning, so running at 9am in summer is sure to be hot.  So I am a little anxious but it will be good prep for my half marathon in Port Macquarie in March.

I will be retiring early tonight due to my run tomorrow and my exhaustion from my run today so no seeing in the New Year for me.  I hope those that are seeing in the New Year have a great time!

I will report on the run tomorrow and the start of Run Down Under!

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