Saturday, December 28, 2013

On the fourth day of Christmas....

I ran 14.66km; did the grocery shopping (I know, I know, I should be doing it online); went for a swim at the beach; and watched trashy TV (yep a trend is developing).

As part of my training for the half marathon I am doing in March 2014 at the Port Macquarie Running Festival, I am to do hill repeats.  For non-runners, this means you run (with effort) up a hill, walk back down, turn around and run back up the hill, walk back down and so on until you fall over in a heap - well no I believe my training program does suggest doing this a certain number of times.

Through discussions with those that have trained before, the best hill to do this on in my area is the hill road leading to the Urunga Cemetery.  Now those that you are my FB friends will note my post yesterday about my concerns of running this road on my own.  I mentioned my fear of stray spirits/ghosts.  Well, you will be happy to note that I ran this hill today and as soon as the headstones were in my line of sight, I quickly turned around and ran back down the hill.  I had planned on doing the hill again but was just not quite ready.  I noted that even the cicadas stop making noise the closer you get to the headstones - what's with that?!?!

Grocery shopping - the love/hate relationship I have with thee!  A number of people have suggested to me that I convert to online shopping.  Now I really need to see things on a shelf - not sure why but online shopping has not grabbed me.  I need to see all the different brands/prices/specials lined up together in order to make a good purchase decision.  So no online grocery shopping at this stage.  Instead I braved the congested Pacific Hwy and hit the energy zapping shops.  However, all was not lost as the checkout lady made my day by just happening to be free so I didn't even have to wait!!  This never happens!!

Beach - how I love thee!!  After lunch - well really it was around 3pm, we headed down to the beach for a swim.  The beach we go to is just 5 minutes drive from home.  We splashed around for a bit and then Miss A wanted to climb the dunes, which then turned into running up the dunes and down the dunes.  Much to my husbands disgust, I mentioned that this is a good form of training for running.  He muttered something under his breath about training and shook his head.

Trashy TV - yes you are trashy but I watch you anyway!  We (ok my husband who can not say no) recently signed up for pay TV - this time with Foxtel.  Last time it was with Austar.  They are all the same to me.  I was a bit peeved as it is not a luxury we can afford but he managed to get a good deal.  We made some changes to our package yesterday and opted out of the movies and opted in for the documentaries and adventure.  Now it's all Man vs Food and Dirty Jobs Down Under.  Not to mention the Location, Location, Location Australia marathon I watched the other day.  My husband is a night owl so he loves it.  Especially shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers - hence my fear of the Urunga Cemetery!

Tomorrow we are in for hot, hot, hot weather and apparently a day of interesting (there is a word the weather guy uses but it escapes me for now) weather.  Apparently, North and South winds will meet and cause instability which may lead to storms - here's hoping!

What did you do on the fourth day of Christmas?

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