Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On the first day of Christmas...

I watched Miss A unwrap her presents this morning, went for a walk along the beach, and relaxed watching trashy TV.

So here we are another year gone and back to #blog12daysxmas.  For those that haven't been here before, the rules are you have to do a blog post for 12 days from Christmas.  There are a few fellow #blog12daysxmas participants including Bun-toting Librarian and Librarian in the Mirror.  I'm sure there will be more and I'll post them on my posts as I come across them.

You can write a post about anything really.  Mine usually sway between librarianship and semi-personal things.  But this time it will most likely focus a fair bit on running and fitness - just because I'm in the phase at the moment.

Reflecting on the past year (and I'll probably do more of this in a New Year's Day post), the big things that stand out for me are:
  • starting bootcamp
  • losing over 10kg
  • running two 10km fun runs
You can now understand how this blog may sway towards the fitness side of things during #blog12daysxmas

So what have been your big achievements for this year? 

It would be good if a few new faces joined in #blog12daysxmas.  Don't be shy - join in the fun!  There may even be blog challenges along the way!!  Bun-toting librarian often does a musical challenge.  And then there are the blog meme's that help on those days where you are suffering writers block.


  1. I do enjoy reading your posts Sharon...keep them up!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I don't use Librarian in the Mirror anymore. I blog at rachwray.com.

  3. I'll be taking part again. I had better get a couple of posts off today to catch up!