Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On the eighth day of Christmas...

I wished you all a Happy New Year!!

I had a little sleep in this morning, until 6am.  Then I was up and thinking about what to eat for breakfast that would not cause me any incidents during my fun run at 9am.  I decided on toast with peanut butter and honey and a banana (well half a one because it was a bit too ripe).

I got the rest of the family up at 7.15am and we headed up to Sawtell at 8am.  I was worried I was running late and would not be able to find a park and register before 9am but we got there in time and all was good.

It was hot!  The run was to start at 9am but didn't get away until 9.15am.  It was good to have my family there to support me and take video (and another one) and photos of the run.  Apparently, there were about 300 people participating.

Did I mention it was hot?!?  Well the first leg of the run after you have done a loop of the main street of Sawtell takes you up a fairly lengthy incline.  Then it's flat for a few kilometres and then you hit another hill about 1/2 km from the finish line.  I didn't do any sprints to the finish in this run as it was just too hot.  But it's given me good practice for the next run at Coffs on Australia day.  I plan on doing the 10km.

Once I had completed the run, we headed to the inflatable slide for Miss A to have a go and then headed home to get changed into togs (swimmers) to go to the beach.

I was pretty tired so we only splashed around at the beach for an hour or so and then headed home, stopping for an ice cream on the way!

Until I did my walk this afternoon, I spent most of it watching Man vs Food - which really is quite an amazing and disgusting show - disgusting because of the amount of food consumed.

I'm sure I'm supposed to mention some resolutions in this post and perhaps some reflections on the year just passed.  2013 was a fairly ordinary year except for joining bootcamp and meeting some wonderful women that live in my area.  Taking up jogging and losing weight and completing two 10km fun runs.

On the job front, there wasn't really too much excitement.  We implemented ebooks and emagazines are in the process of installing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).  But personally work did not see many amazing achievements for me.  In fact, I think it's safe to say I'm in a bit of a rut.  Changes happened external to the library in our organisation that has affected moral a little and I'm looking for ways to improve on running the three branch libraries and being a better manager/supervisor.  Perhaps 2014 will the be year.  No I think 2014 will be the year - it has to be.

So for 2014 I would like to continue running and complete the following runs (I hope) - half marathon at Port Macquarie in March, half marathon at South West Rocks in June (I think), half marathon at Ipswich in July, and half marathon at Coffs in September.

I'm also going to trial doing speed sessions on a Tuesday morning with a running friend.  These are held in Coffs so it will mean having to be ultra organised on Tuesday mornings.

Work wise, I'm going to work on being less emotional, more organised; getting the libraries in the face of our organisation; making the performance appraisal process and goals more meaningful for my staff; and continue learning.  And getting some motivation back!

Miss A and I before my run today

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  1. Doesn't sound like an "ordinary" year to me Sharon! I think that your commitment to running is amazing! Working in local government can often feel like a rut, but don't forget that libraries are of immense benefit to the community, and you are doing a wonderful job.