Monday, December 30, 2013

On the sixth day of Christmas....

A shortnpost tonight as I'm watching the tennis.

I started the day with amature bootcamp, after awaking from an awful dream where I was running late and couldn't find my gear etc.  I've been having running late dreams a lot since being on holidays.  Not sure where that is coming from.

Miss A had a friend over so we went to the park. Then I did some marking (my other job) and finished the day with a walk.

Now I'm watching the tennis.  Gee my holidays are not very exciting, are they?

I am avoiding going anywhere due to the horrendous traffic and I'm tossing up if I buy a Garmin GPS running watch or new shoes or both.  The problem being is that they are wants not needs.  So I'll keep having an internal debate.

Counting down to the start of Run Down Under and my first fun run of 2014 at Sawtell on Wednesday.  Maybe I'll stop having "running late" dreams after that.

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