Sunday, December 29, 2013

On the fifth day of Christmas....

I had a rest day so no running or bootcamp.  I slept in till 8am, well it was actually 7am but I spent an hour lying there trying to ignore the fact I was busting for the toilet.  After breakfast I took Miss A to the park that had been taken over by a particular group of holiday makers that I will discuss further later in the post.  We then headed down to the beach for a splash and made it just before the Southerly change came through and started blowing sand and causing exfoliation where we didn't need it.  An afternoon walk finished off the day and I settled back to watch Ghost Adventurers with hubby.

Now back to the "particular group of holiday makers" that come to our town every year and basically take over.  There are about 20 tents of them including 2 large army sized tents.  When we got to the park they had set up their equipment including face painting benches, coffee making machines, bbq's, blow up water slides, plastic water slides (the one that go on hills), and various other activities.  They also had two big speakers blaring out loud music.

I come to the park to allow Miss A to play and for me to enjoy the peace (it's not always quiet) of nature and to observe the people enjoying the sun, water and boardwalk.  Not to have to sit in a park and listen to music so loud that if there was someone to talk to, I wouldn't be able to hear them properly.

I also had an issue with the fact that we are on water restrictions and this group was using the water consistently to run their water slides.

Ok, so they do offer some free activities for kids and they can be a lot of fun.  But I don't understand how they can get away with using water like that under water restrictions and playing loud music.  If I was to do that, I would be reported and the camping ground managers would put a stop to it straight away.  So how do they get away with it?  Is it because they invest a lot of money into the town while they are here?  Is it because they offer free activities?

Now I sound like I'm whinging but I am really only concerned about the use of water and the loud music.  The offering of free activities and fun stuff for kids is great.  The investment of money into the town - although I would argue that they most likely bring a lot of their food with them due to the sheer numbers of them and the whole set up of their camp.

While it is wonderful living in a tourist destination, sometimes the tourist side of things can be a little annoying!

I will now hop of my soap box and continue to enjoy my night!

How did you spend the 5th day of Christmas?

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