Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog12daysxmas Post 10

Today's Destiny Card is Detail.

Yesterday Miss A and I went to the Bellingen Swimming Pool and spent almost 3 hours there.  I only really wanted to spend 2 hours but Miss A wanted to spend the whole day so I told her we would go to the Library to get some books to get her out of the pool - surprisingly this worked.

So off to the Library we went and up went my blood pressure.  I'm on holidays and I don't want to think about work but of course when you visit work during you holidays you automatically think about work.  And all the work you have to do when you return to work. Sigh!

Once home, and I completed my hour long daily walk, I relaxed and started playing around with our library service Zinio eMagazine subscription and then played around with our OneClickDigital downloadable eAudio subscription, and then played around with State Library of NSW Library PressDisplay online newspaper subscription.

And then Miss A and I went to bed and I read 2 of the books we borrowed from the Library.  I slept well until 2.30am and then thoughts of work came back into my head.  Now don't you hate that?!?

Of course, once I started thinking about work I then had to pull apart every detail and write mental lists and basically work myself up into a state so I couldn't go back to bed for a few hours.

Don't get me wrong, there are some things I'm looking forward to about returning to work for a new year but many others I really am concerned about.

However, I read a blog post or a quote from somewhere and of course I can't find it now.  But it was something about fear and how if we fear something then we will convince ourselves to fear it instead of convincing ourselves that we have nothing to fear.  It may even have been in my stars for the year or yesterday.  Basically it had me thinking that I should not fear what coming back to work has in store for me but embrace it as a challenge and then it won't get the better of me.

I also read an interesting post about blogging: Done is better than perfect (thanks @flexnib).  And this made me think about my own blogging experience over the last few weeks.  There have been times when I didn't feel I had anything to write but then I started writing and found I did.

I have also stopped worrying about how many people read my blog and what they think about what I have shared.  Blogging is a learning experience and sometimes it is just a place to get things out of your head and onto "paper."

For me, blogging allows me to reflect on things whether they be professional or personal.

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