Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back to the grind

Well I promised at least one blog post a week and what a good time to do it when I've been back at work 2 days and am about to launch into my first whole week back at work.

Yesterday's Destiny Card was Fun and I'm going to leave it as my card for today as well.

The family and I had loads of fun yesterday morning at the beach.  We spent over an hour splashing in the waves before returning home for a prawn and lettuce roll.  After that we kicked back and relaxed.  I caught up with the news via Library Press Display and checked FB and twitter.

I finished the day with my usual hour long afternoon walk and returned home soaked in sweat.  It was pretty humid yesterday, in fact it has been pretty humid/hot the last week or so - which I'm not complaining about but it doesn't make for an attractive Sharon when I go walking.

Unfortunately, today I suspect I won't have much fun.  On Thursday and Friday last week some things happened at work which have caused me some stress.  In fact, in usual Sharon fashion I have not slept well since because my brain keeps churning over these issues when I'm trying to sleep.  This is why I promised I would not think about work while on leave.

Today, I hope a meeting I have planned will give me some options to deal with one of the issues which unfortunately, involves a person.

I'm going to admit here that I have some things to learn when it comes to dealing with people's behaviour and because I'm an emotional person (at times), I really have to learn to detach myself and not let my emotions get the better of me.

The other issues are a result of possible change that is really out of my control.  Silly really to be stressing over something that may or may not happen and you can't control it anyway.  So that is another area I have to work on - only stress over what you can control - well don't stress over it, just deal with it!!

It hasn't really been a positive start to the working year for me and I hope this week ends on a much more positive note than last week.

And if anyone has any advice on how to detach oneself in order to stop letting emotions take over - I'd love to hear it!!

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