Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blog June Post 6 &7

I was almost at the point of giving up #blogjune this afternoon due to lack of inspiration and motivation and wondering if what I'm writing is actually interesting to anyone.  Then I found some of my fellow bloggers had discussed one of my earlier posts about whether library users need to know what we do to find information.

@geocachinglibrarian shared these thoughts.  Then @seanfish suggested that librarians offer a "box with windows."  So be a place that shows those wanting to know how to find information and be a "black box" that provides information without revealing how it is done.  I like the box with windows idea!

Yesterday was a busy day with the odd start of no run.  Off I went to Coffs Harbour Library to pick up a magazine I had on reserve that my own library doesn't subscribe to.  I was pleasantly surprised last week when Coffs Library weeded their Runners World magazines and offered me the weeded issues free of charge!  I then discovered they had also done this for a friend with their Triathlon mags.  Aren't library staff thoughtful!
Then to do the rounds of Woolworths.

Home again and it was a rainy dreary day so I sat around not doing much and then went for a walk when a break in the rain appeared.  Miss A joined me so of course it poured when we were half way around.  Home again and a quiet evening followed.
This morning, up at stupid o'clock (4am) to get picked up at 5am to head to South West Rocks for the Macleay River Marathon.  I was joining 5 friends to run the half marathon as a training run for the Gold Coast Marathon.  The goal was to go slower than usual and stick with the girls.  Lyndee did a great job keeping me to task except where I got carried away atthe end where I made us do a 1km effort to the finish line.  We pulled Iin at under 2 hours which was good.  I was supposed to go and run another 8km but as soon as they made me sit down to take the timing chip off, my hip flexor said no.

I did enjoy a massage and a late breakfast. Then home and an afternoon walk ofm8k and I'm suitably stuffed.

To finish I have 2 mantras: When life hands you a wave, grab your board and enjoy the ride And There are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them.


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  2. Thanks for posting this - a good reminder to comment on each others' posts and not just ruminate in solitude! I've just gone back and commented on Andrew's post too :)