Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blog June Post 3

Sorry this post is a bit late but last night I was lucky enough to attend Sirens of the Seaboard - a special women's only dinner where local health professionals (women) spoke to us about women's health issues - specifically for those over 30.

The mantra for this post is: Life will (at times) knock you down.  It's okay to take a breather.

Last night that was one of the messages shared.  It is okay to be stressed out, emotional, and at times feel like you need to step off the world and take time to breathe.  It is normal.  Life is full of ups and downs.

While it may seem like every second person is being diagnosed with depression or anxiety - have these increased any since when our parents were younger.  They just didn't talk about it back then or diagnose it as depression etc.  Everything was fine.

So while today it seems like time is moving faster and things are changing quickly - is this causing us to be more stressed, depressed and anxious?

Those that fought for women to have equal employment and be able to go out and work full time - is working full time helping us to feel less stressed, depressed and/or anxious??  If you are feeling stressed, depressed and/or anxious - it might be a good time to look at your work situation and see if you can work part time to allow time for you to do more enjoyable pursuits (happiness helps you feel less stressed, depressed and anxious).  You might have to make some minor sacrifices but perhaps it's something to consider.  I know if my financial situation was different, I'd certainly love to be working part time - just to be more present for my family instead of rushing from one thing to the next.

The evening also talked about menopause, mental health and sexual health but I won't go into these other than to say all the information was very informative, and it was particularly good of the professional who spoke about sexual health to mention erotic fiction and that the local library has a good collection - I did then have to yell out "look for the lips" as in the lip sticker!!

It makes me think of how good it is in small communities for women to come together in forums like this and share serious information in a fun and enjoyable way!

Hopefully it will be a double post day and Ill have another post for you this evening!

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