Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blog June Post 10 - A lesson in customer service

Tonight I am a bit worked up and while I would not normally share my disgruntled customer post I made to Trip Advisor and also posted on my FB page about a local business, tonight I will.  All in the lesson of good customer service and loyalty to locals.  What follows is a rant:

I have eaten and picked up takeaway from the Urunga Bowls Club numerous times since it first opened. Unfortunately, tonight I was made to feel embarrassed because I am local but not a member and apparently to pick up your takeaway order or to eat in the restaurant, you have to be a member if you are local. If you are not local, you are fine to just scan your license and in you go. I do not understand why as a local I should be made to pay a yearly membership to pick up a take...away meal. I also don't understand why the staff do not inform you of this when you phone them for your order. And I also don't understand why there isn't consistency in this rule, as other times I have been able to enter without being made to feel like a criminal. I was made to feel like I was committing the worse crime. The "Bouncer" called out to me and then berated me in front of the other people who were coming in the door. If you want locals to visit your club, then treat the locals nicely. Urunga Bowling Club, you have lost any future business that you would've had from me!! And I will be spreading the word to other locals about the way I was treated!!

Sorry for those that have already read this on my FB page but I am so upset and embarrassed about this that I just felt the need to share it.

I do realise that this may actually be an accepted protocol in all clubs in a Australia, and if it is, then I think it needs to be reviewed.  Or perhaps someone could let me in on the logic behind it.  But to me this is like saying to someone, I'm sorry but you can't use the library unless you have a library membership card - as in you can't even walk through the door unless you have a library membership card - where is the sense in this!!

Ok rant over and I'm so worked up I can't even share a mantra today!

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