Monday, January 6, 2014

On the twelfth day of Christmas...

I pondered how weird looking the word "twelfth" is - perhaps even more so because I had issues trying to spell it!

I know I promised two posts today but I'm thinking I might just throw my epiphany post in here for good measure and I'm running out of steam.

I will have you know that I had heaps of blog posts written in my head during my afternoon walks for the last 12 days but by the time I got home and did everything I had to before I could find the time to sit down and write them - they were gone!  I will never be a good writer!

Today I started the day with my own solo boot camp - and this was after an afternoon of bubbles the day before.  I decided that I had to watch the final of the Brisbane International Tennis and in order to enjoy it more, I would have a few glasses of bubbly.  So I was very impressed that I managed to run around the sports fields this morning, inflicting all sorts of punishment on my body without any feeling of being hung over.  I think being fit means your blood flows quicker and therefore the alcohol exits your body quicker - well that's my theory!!  Another reason to keep exercising and staying fit.

From there I had to take Miss A to swimming lessons and then she had a friend over.  I then took the girls down to the lagoon/river for a swim.  Once Miss A's friend had left, I ventured out for my afternoon walk a little later than normal and proceeded to run into friends and talk for 20 minutes and only walk 1.8km.  Not much to put toward my Run Down Under journey but still some form of exercise so it all helps!

Just before I was going to write this post, I stumbled on a twitter response concerning a few of my twitter friends and I commenting on our reluctance to go back to work.  A twitter friend responded by saying it sounded like we didn't like our jobs.  I have to say at the moment for me work is a love/hate relationship.  I love interacting with the community and providing such a great service, but I hate what is happening behind the scenes in a wider organisation sense and the stress that goes with the behind the scenes.

As I mentioned previously, I am in a rut and I'm not sure how I'm going to regain my motivation to get out of it.  I am happy (not sure if that is the right word for it) to sit tight for the time being, and also work on the things that are making me unhappy (again not really the right word for it - perhaps challenges are a better way of looking at it - or even better possible opportunities).

I just wish the motivation I am feeling for running and the feeling of accomplishment I get from it could be transferred to my work life.  I am hoping the confidence and achievement I am gaining from running will provide me with the confidence skills I need to achieve the things I want to achieve in my work life. 

That's not really an epiphany but it will do for now.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts, achievements and general reflections with you all throughout 2014 and will be looking for any blog challenges coming up to participate in.  Thank you for your readership and your comments!

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