Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's not the number of reps I do, it's the quality #blogjune #1

I'm back!!  Yes it's that time of year again where I commit to writing something on my blog for all of June.

To get me motivated this time, I'm using some daily mantra's I'm stealing from Women's Fitness magazine, the first being: It's not the number of reps I do, it's the quality.

While that quote is related to working out, it can also be related to many other things, basically it's not the quantity it's the quality!  We only get one life so let's make sure it's a quality one!!!

It can also relate back to libraries - it's not how many books/items you have in the collection, it's the quality of what you have!  It's not the size of the library, it's the quality of what's inside!

Recently, well about 2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Public Libraries NSW Association North East Zone meeting at Nundle, NSW.

Nundle recently had a new library built.  Nundle Library is part of Central Northern Regional Library service.  Like a few small libraries I've visited in recent years (Guyra comes to mind), it is built within the council administration building.  This allows the library to be open even when library staff are not available.  You see, Nundle library has a self check out kiosk that can be used when library staff are not working.  And if they need any assistance, council customer service staff are trained in the basics to assist.  Now isn't this a great idea for those smaller council areas that don't have the financial resources to have long opening hours!

I shared some photos of Nundle library on my facebook page (note only my friends can see them but if you aren't my friend, send me a request).

Nundle is a beautiful town just North of Tamworth, NSW.  I love driving out this way because the landscape is beautiful and while the drive is long (approximately 4 hours), it is no way boring.  Driving through Dorrigo, Uralla, and Armidale is never boring.  I am so thankful that my job allows me to see such places.

While at Nundle library, Central Northern Regional Library staff gave us a brief demonstration of a 3D Printer.  They have purchased a small one which they plan on taking around to all of their branches and providing library users with demonstrations and hands on experience with this relatively new technology.

I am still in mixed minds over whether this technology would be embraced in my library's communities, and it was interesting as some of the councillor's that accompany the library staff who attend these meetings also asked whether it really is the library's place to spend huge amounts on technology when it could be spent on more relevant resources.

I suppose this rings true with libraries constantly battling for extra funds, but does technology like 3D printers open the door for some money making opportunities???

The other fun thing that happened at Nundle, was some fellow librarians participated in geocaching.  Now fellow #blogjune (well I hope he is this year), Andrew at Geocaching Librarian, has composed a number of posts about geocaching so I was familiar with it.  But I had to laugh while I was out running in the early morning cold, I noted that some fellow librarians taking a lot of interest in an old piece of machinery by the river that runs through Nundle.  Later I asked if they were trying to work out what the machinery was and they said that they were in fact looking for a geocaching item.

After a hearty breakfast they continued on their hunt for the various geocaching items left around Nundle.  This may be something I look into further and make it a family activity.


  1. I *love* how geocaching is becoming more popular - so easy now with smart phones. I had a lunch today - there were 15 adults, and all but 2 couples had tried it. And one of those were making plans to give it a go on the weekend :-)

  2. I like the idea of patrons being able to get books whenever they want, but wonder how much the quality of service is impacted on by not having a librarian on hand, It's something I feel quite torn about.