Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the eleventh day of Christmas...

I headed to Valla Beach at 5.45am to meet some running friends for our regular Saturday social run.  We run in different places each Saturday morning (although we do seem to favour Valla), and then have breakfast at the local café on completion of the run.

The run is usually an easier run and goes for an hour.  Unfortunately our run was cut short due to one of our runners tripping and falling over.  They couldn't walk or run so thankfully some lovely tourist drove one of the other runners back to our cars so they could bring theirmcar over to pick upmthe fallen runner.

Once the rescue operation was complete, I continued running and then drove home and had breakfast.

Miss A and I then went to the park and Miss A had a swim and we stopped for a slushy and frozen yoghurt on the way home.

It was hot and humid again today but not as bad as yesterday or what it was like in my hometown of Ipswich.  Thankfully two years ago I made the decision not to visit Ipswich in summer.

The rest of the day followed the routine of previous days with trashy tv, afternoon walk and more trashy tv.

I have just realised that tomorrow is the second last day of #blog12daysxmas and then we finish with the epiphany.   And I really haven't done much in the way of reflection.  That could be because it would mean I have to think about work and I don't want to do that while on holidays.

However, I will comment about @shewgirl blog post from yesterday
I would love a 3D printer that printed meals but my weight loss would suffer.

I absolutely wonder if libraries are the place for 3D printers and would love to hear more about how 3D printers are being used in libraries and whether it is something library users want or need in their libraries?  I go back to core services and traditional roles of libraries.  Food for thought but worthy of a blog post on its own.

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  1. Food for thought...what is the core service of a library? What is the traditional role? Should we have stayed only with books? No magazines, DVDs, eBooks, programs, outreach? Just some points for discussion :)