Friday, January 3, 2014

On the tenth day of Christmas...

I did amature bootcamp on my own.  I should explain what I mean about amature bootcamp.  The "real" bootcamp I attend is professional and facilitated by a fitness professional.  It is for women only and we do a variety of exercise on a sports field.  We don't use car tyres or heavy ropes, and the facilitator does not yell at us.  It is very supportive and encouraging.

Currently, real bootcamp is on a break.  So up until now, another bootcamp attendee and I had been putting together our own sessions based on exercises we do at real bootcamp.  Today I did it alone as, my partner in crime had to return to Sydney.  I have been doing this to ensure I remain fit during the holiday period and keep the weight off.

After bootcamp, I took Miss A to the park but it was pretty hot so we headed home with Miss A having a slushy and I had a frozen yoghurt.

Once home Miss A continued her obsession with Minecraft youtube videos and I watched aa rerun of Packed to the Rafters.  I then cleaned out Miss A's clothes.  I will be donating 2 garbage bags of clothes to the local op shops.  I plan on cleaning my clothes out before i return to work.

At 3pm I went for my afternoon walk and then continued reading Running against time by Chris Pavey.  I'm still in a running book reading phase.

A number of library twitter friends have been mentioning the return of their reading mojos.  Mine has been a lost cause this year.  I started well but then my 2nd job took up , ore time and then running became a focus.  Social media has also become more popular as I connect with fellow runners and share my running goals and achievements.

Now if only I could get the same motivation and enthusiasm for my work life, I'd have that work life balance worked out.

When in a rut in your work life, how ddo you get it back?

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