Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ANZ 23 Mobile Things - Yes I'm Participating!

This week sees the beginning of ANZ 23 Mobile Things for which I have joined up to challenge myself to discover more about mobile devices and the "things" you can do with them.

The first task we have been asked to do for week 0, is to post a tweet introducing ourselves.

Now in the mornings I'm a desktop computer user.  This continues for most of the day.  In the evening, if there is a good TV show on, or I have a good ebook on my tablet, then I'm a mobile device user - using my work provided Lenovo ThinkPad.

I also use my mobile device if I'm out of my workplace visiting another branch library, attending meetings/seminars/conferences, or travelling.

I do have a smart phone but find the screen a little too small and it is having some memory issues which I have to talk about with the staff at the Telstra shop - whenever I next get to the shop.

So today so I can do my introduction post - I have set my tablet up on my desk beside my desktop PC - weird I know but really no point in participating unless I used my mobile device.

If you read back through this blog, you will no doubt discover a bit about me, so I'm not going to repeat anything in this blog post.

I hope during this journey through the 23 Mobile Things, I will manage to do some reflective posts on what I have learnt about the tools and people I've discovered.

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