Saturday, May 18, 2013

ANZ 23 Mobile Things Week 2 - Take a photo with a mobile device: Instagram / Flickr app / Snapchat

I rarely take photographs with my mobile devices.  I take the odd one with my mobile phone but since it has been coming up with the lack of memory issue, I try to avoid it.  And when I have taken a photo with my phone, I upload it directly to Facebook or Twitter - I don't use Instagram, Flickr or Snapchat.

So I started the week with the plan to play around with Instagram and Flickr on my tablet.  I do like the Instaweather app but have only used it twice this week.  I don't really stop during my day and think, oh I must take a photograph!  I also took a "selfie" using Instagram - and then played around with the settings to see what I could do with the photo.

I haven't tried the Flickr app - wondering why you would need two photo apps on your mobile device but then perhaps one has different features to the other?!?  But I did re-visit my Flickr account on my PC and try to upload some photos I had taken of some library visits I did last week.  I used the good old digital camera for that.  However, Flickr didn't really like me and took ages to upload and then wouldn't let me group the photos into sets.  Sigh!

Perhaps I'll just stick with taking photos with my digital camera and uploading them to Facebook to share!!  But yes, I can hear you now saying, what if you want to take a photo of the "now" and upload it during the "now" to share??  Yes, ok I can see the point of that but until I either fix my phone's memory issue or get a better phone - I can't see myself dealing with the frustration of using my mobile phone to take photos.

And as for using my tablet to take photos - number one, I rarely take the tablet with me unless I'm going to a meeting/conference/seminar (it's not something I just carry in my handbag).  And number two, it's a little on the large size so I feel a bit self-conscious when taking photos with it - sort of like holding a brick in front of your face!!

Unfortunately, I missed the #anz23mthings chat session but lucky someone archived it and I can catch up with it here.

And as for the questions we were asked to think about via the ANZ 23 Mobile Things blog, I suppose I did think about them but my library does not use Twitter, but we do try to take photographs during events and post them on to our Facebook page.  We don't have a permission form but usually when people are asked (verbally) they are quite happy for that to happen.  With children I try to take photos of the back of their heads.  And I think it will be interesting to investigate using one of these tools to house a digital photograph collection for the library.  So I still have a lot more learning to go!

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