Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 12 - Blog 12 Days of Christmas

We are nearing the end of blog 12 days of Christmas and as usual it has been a good thing for me to sit and reflect at the end of the day.

I usually say that I will continue to do this more regularly throughout the year but then only blog during #blogJune.  So unless there are more blogging challenges out there, you probably won't hear from me (except for my final post tomorrow) until June!

I couldn't really find an appropriate mantra for today so there isn't one.

I'm still on holiday and for me, it really doesn't feel like the new year has started until I return to work - which will be next week.

This week I will be working on putting myself in a positive mind frame for my return to work.  I will be drumming up some enthusiasm and excitement for my return.  Thinking about possible projects or how I will work towards finishing the projects I know I have to complete.  I will be thinking about what things I can do with my staff to keep their enthusiasm for the job up and/or what new things can be learnt/taught.  Most of all I will be thinking about my community - I miss them when I'm on holidays and they are what really makes the job for me.  So I will be thinking about them and what they might like to see happening in the library.

I already have one exciting thing booked for this month - one of my favourite authors will be doing a book launch in our library!!  I'm so excited as I've been waiting 12 months for this book to come out and I really do like this author.

Our library is also hosting a workshop for the annual Camp Creative next week.  I hope to stick my head in on this workshop and see if I can pick up a few pointers.

See I'm already generating some enthusiasm for my return!!

PS Bootcamp resumed today so I didn't have to come up with my own.  It was one of our biggest classes with 33 ladies (I think).  It was so good to be back in the company of such a large and supportive group of females!!  And, of course, to be put through the paces by our bootcamp leader, Shelley!

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