Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 8 - Blog 12 Days of Christmas - Opening Doors!

Today's mantra: Old ways won't open new doors.

Ok let's step back a bit and tell you what I did today.  I started the day with the Sawtell New Year's Day Fun Run 5.25km.  I ran this for the first time in 2014 and found it a very hot and challenging run.  It was the same this year. 

However, I managed to run a faster time by 51 seconds than last year.  And, I also managed to beat a fellow local runner that I come across a lot in the local fun runs I do.  Unfortunately or fortunately I seem to be a bit of a competitive person when it comes to running.  I spotted the runner early on - thinking that they weren't going to run this year because I had not seen their name on the registration list - and kept them in my sight.  At first I thought I would not be able to beat them because of a not so good run at the Dorrigo Show Fun Run in which the heat and hills got the better of me and I walked most of it.  But this time, I won the mental battle!!  And this has been huge for me as I have been battling a bit with my running since the Ipswich Park2Park and my issue with hills.  It seems this run has put my head in a good place for 2015 - with regards to running anyway!

After the run I met up with a fellow Running Mums Australia (Facebook running group that I am a member of) who I had come across during the run.  Seems the world gets smaller every time I meet someone through running.  In Ipswich back in April 2014, I met a lovely lady at my first parkrun - it was her first too.  We became friends on Facebook, as you do, and found we had a mutual friend.

Today after meeting the fellow RMA we found we also have a mutual friend and that she works in the local high school.  I talked about fate in a previous post and strongly believe that once again I have met these people for a reason.

A visit to the beach was in order to cool down and then an afternoon of not doing much at all.  It was really hot - seems to be a theme in the blog posts today!!

So back to the mantra - this is another thing to add to my list to work on this year.  I am going to change my approach to work - not sure how yet but I do believe it needs changing.  My attitude and thoughts towards work are something I will be working on but also how I approach things at work.  This will, I hope, lead to new opportunities!!

Here's a link to a video of the start of the Sawtell New Year's Day Fun Run that my hubby took.  Look out for me waving at the camera at 15 second mark.

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