Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reading Phases

We all have them - well I think we do.  Reading phases.  Some last longer than others.

Prior to rekindling my relationship with exercise I was (and still am) an avid rural romance reader.  However, since running has jumped up a notch or two in my life I have now become a reader of runners biographies and non-fiction about running.

There aren't too many runners biographies out there - perhaps because the runners are too busy running but I have read the following so far:
And I have on my list to read:
You may wonder why I am reading all these running biographies.  And when I first started, I wondered why too.  But it is the little bits of inspiration that you get from reading these stories that I love. 

I never plan on being an ultra marathoner or running up huge mountains, but often it's the little things in the books that you get the most out of.

And I am sure to throw in a few rural romances in there just to even things out!

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  1. Hi Sharon - you should add Born to Run to your reading list - can't think of the author at the moment - it's about a group of people in Mexico who are natural long distance runners, and they run in bare feet. I found it very interesting, and I'm not a runner.